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Update: I got my Jillian’s Delight! (And even shared it!)

October 24, 2010 by in South Wedge
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Just a quick update since I wrote this: Reason #1 to Love the South Wedge

Ben and I walked our chocolate lab up to Cheesy Eddie’s and retrieved this behemoth of a cookie.

Yes, that does say .63 lbs!

Jillian's Delight from Cheesy Eddie's

Don’t worry, I won’t be having that coronary just yet! I cut it up into 5 toothsome tidbits to share with to share with everyone who was kind enough to come into Newdigs to work on a Sunday!



Reason to Love the South Wedge #1: The Jillian’s Delight

October 11, 2010 by in Restaurants, South Wedge
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I’m not gonna lie – on the heels of the first reasons I ever gave you to love Rochester, and then Park Avenue, this post about Cheesy Eddie’s decadent creation known as the Jillian’s Delight is going to make me seem like quite the eater.  Rochester just tastes so good… which is apparently well known to the South Wedge, whose streetlight banners along South Avenue proclaim “Savor our Flavor.”  Don’t mind if I do, South Wedge, don’t mind if I do.

You might know Cheesy Eddie’s for what they are best known for: their cheesecakes and carrot cakes. but where there is cheesecake, cream cheese frosting is not far behind.  For the frosting lovers amongst us who wish to gorge ourselves on the sweetness of a massive cream cheese frosting glob sandwiched between two giant soft oatmeal cookies, the evil geniuses at Cheesy Eddie’s have invented the Jillian’s Delight in order to bring about our demise.

For those of you with some semblance of portion control, there is also a Mini Jillian’s Delight.  If you don’t think you’ll make it to the South Wedge today because you’ll be too caught up gettin’ your LGBT on at the Image Out Festival, The Little Theatre’s got you covered (pinkies out folks- they spell “Theatre” the British way).  That’s right, The Little has Jillian’s Delights available at their concessions stand!  I smell a “Reason to Love East Avenue” blog post coming on…

I do so wish I had a Jillian’s Delight in my hand right now so that I could photographically prove its awesomeness to you readers.  I shall have to remedy this and post an update…